Books by Ken Consaul

July 1st marks the release of Deadly Talley, a police thriller. Consaul, in this change of direction from historical fiction, explores the psyche of a homicide detective burned out by homicide and the failure of the legal system to prosecute killers. His ‘enthusiasm’ for the job returns once his wife becomes a victim. There is a sample containing the first twelve chapters of Deadly Talley available (see left column)

Consaul has long admired the work of Dashiell Hammett and particularly Raymond Chandler. In Deadly Talley, the author is paying homage to the fathers of modern detective fiction. He has chosen The Gold Coast of southern California as his stage, moving south from Hammett’s and Chandler’s turf. Hope you enjoy this first foray into detective fiction.

Consaul is also the author of The Platte River Waltz, a family saga about two young people, their fortunes joined by the tragedy of a cholera outbreak. Together they decide to continue on to Oregon with another party of emigrants. They marry and, at Fort Laramie in Wyoming, hear tales of the discovery of gold in California. They split from their party and form another, determined to make their fortune in the new territory. The book is in two volumes, Orphans in the Storm and The Growler Brigade. There is a sample of the first four chapters of The Platte River Waltz available in the left column.